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Scottish Golf Research helps federation re-target its investment

Scottish Golf Research helps federation re-target its investment

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Sports Marketing Surveys insights have formed a key part of Scottish Golf’s future strategy.

A bespoke survey commissioned by the federation identified a clear preference among golf clubs and their members for the organisation to focus its efforts, and its investment, on the grassroots game rather than elite golf.

73% of golf clubs supported this approach, and, when asked how the federation should invest its money, answered that expenditure on elite golf should be reduced.

Additional findings touched on the transparency of the organisation, with the aim of ensuring that its funding and purpose was clear, and backed by golfers across Scotland. Just under four fifths of golfers were aware that a £14.50 affiliation fee, included in their annual golf club membership subscription, funds Scottish golf.

Overall, the support and service provided by Scottish Golf, which currently handles everything from initiatives to encourage beginners to take up golf to national competitions, was rated at 5.8 out of 10.

John Bushell, Managing Director of Sports Marketing Surveys, commented on the findings, saying:

“It can be easy for federations to stick their head in the sand, or to rely on gut instinct to make changes, but it is always excellent to see insight being used to drive strategy. At SMS, we pride ourselves on making sure all our surveys and all our findings are actionable. At the conclusion of a project, we enjoy working with our clients to help them interpret results accurately so that they can be used in everything from strategy development to customer segmentation and product or initiative testing.”

Sports Marketing Surveys provides insight for customers across the sports industry. The company’s presence in golf can be traced back to 1984. Today, SMS works across multiple projects including the Women in Golf Charter, international participation, and events such as The Open, as well as on behalf of golf organisations including The R&A, England Golf, Wales Golf, Ireland Golf, FFGolf, the Swedish Golf Federation and the PGA of GB&I.


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Scottish golf clubs and members supported the idea of focusing investment on the grassroots game

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