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This new service, created by Sporting Insights in partnership with the European Outdoor Group (EOG), offers a new standard in data gathering and reporting for the outdoor industry.

Monthly sales data from outdoor retailers in the UK, including independent retailers, and major bricks and mortar and online chains, will be visible on an aggregated basis at brand and model level with the ability to drill down at Department, Category or Sub-Category level.

An estimated 60% of the UK outdoor market is already covered, but this is continuing to grow as we continue to further develop the independent retail channel.

Why should I be excited?

We offer unrivalled insight into your market.

We unearth market movements, letting you act first.

We track the impact of your new products, sales, and offers.

We deliver granular, interactive data for you to mix with your in-house metrics.

We observe volume, value, and pricing trends down to brand and model level.

We operate sensitively and securely.

We revolutionise your decision making.

Access to the data

Data is accessed via a user-friendly, password protected interactive dashboard.
There are two levels of access:

Sales Data Contributors: those outdoor businesses who contribute their sales data get free access to comparative market-level data.

Data Subscribers: those who subscribe see SKU-level data, market share comparisons, and filtering options added on an ongoing basis. Subscriptions are priced according to the depth and breadth of data accessed.

• Department level access includes all products, categories and sub-categories within a department (e.g. Apparel)
• Category level access includes products and sub-categories within a particular category (e.g. Tops)
• Sub-Category level access includes all products within a particular sub-category (e.g. T-Shirts)

What does it look like?

Here are a few screenshots of the dashboard in action, showing only a very small selection of the views, filters and charts and graphs available. 


N.B. Numbers are for illustrative purposes only. They do not represent real, up to date data. 

The Dashboard will feature top level market data going back to 2019 (where available)

Data can be broken down by category and channel and includes total sales and volumes represented using a selection of charts or graphs.

Users are able to drill down into the dataset to focus on specific categories and identity category trends and brand and model level performance.

Subscribers who contribute their own data will also be able to benchmark their own performance against the market over multiple years. Recognising the sensitivity of the data, nobody else other than the retailer in question will be able to view their own unaggregated data.



No. All data is aggregated and no individual retailer can be identified. Only the individual retailer/D2C brand will be able to identify and have access to their own sales.

All the data we receive is secure with server-side encryption in our Amazon s3 storage layer. Data is uploaded to Amazon s3 using our SFTP service.  Each data provider will have a dedicated area for the secure storage of their data, accessed through use of a private key and password.  Data is processed in snowflake which meets HITRUST and ISO27001 certification standards.  Data visualisation access is through Amazon QuickSight and managed through row level security, ensuring that the Provider’s data is visible only to the appropriate parties.

The dashboard will be updated every month with the previous month’s data.

We have collected data from 2019 onwards, pre-Covid, to allow year on year comparisons from day one.

Free access is only granted to those providing Sales Data. The level of reporting functionality is limited to market level data.

Paid access allows users to delve deeper to SKU-level data, market share comparisons, and filtering options that will continue to be added on an ongoing basis. Subscriptions are priced according to the depth and breadth of data accessed.

There are various ways to share data with us:

  1. Where possible we work with EPOS providers, who with the permission of the retailer, we are able to access the data directly from them.
  2. Set up a secure SFTP location for you to upload your data.
  3. Access via an API.

Data contributors receive one login. Data subscribers receive three separate logins. 

Additional logins can be purchased for £100 per annum. 

Contact Us

If you are interested in discussing subscription options, providing data or would like a demo of the dashboard, please contact Richard Payne at richard.payne@sportinginsights.com or fill in the form below and a relevant member of the team will call you back.