Market Intelligence Services

Granular, monthly insight into consumer buying
trends optimises
your growth.

Accurate, timely market intelligence is essential for any organisations selling consumer goods. Only by understanding what is selling, at what prices, in which sizes and colourways, in different types of shops and through different channels, can organisations optimise their product design, sales strategy, routes to market, inventory planning, marketing, and pricing.

Our Market Intelligence Services, led by Rob Cobain and his expert team, are built to deliver on those questions and more. They help individual businesses grow by giving a detailed understanding of consumer buying trends, enabling you to overcome challenges and seize opportunities as they arise. They also benefit the industry as a whole, providing regular, independent sales metrics that support lobbying and advocacy efforts and grow the market for everyone.

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Tried and trusted
technical solutions.

Data security and sensitivity is paramount. That’s why our Market Intelligence Systems use tried and trusted technical solutions. We also know accuracy is vital, which is why we employ a mix of machine learning and human-led cleaning and sense-checking to ensure that the numbers are spot on, month after month, year after year. It’s also why we use our own range of complementary data sources, and, where you choose to do so, combine our data sets with your proprietary information. 

Our Market Intelligence Services use our in-house data visualisation expertise to create interactive dashboards and put the vast amount of data we generate at your fingertips. These are tools you will find yourself using day in, day out, so we make sure that the data is easy to query, cross-reference, and then export into your own reports.

Bicycle wheels

Covering more than 70% of all UK cycling sales
and tracking over a million unique products every month

Running and outdoor sports Market Intelligence Services to launch in 2023, with the support of key industry bodies

Spanish Cycling Market Intelligence Service: Retailer recruitment is under way. 

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As well as bespoke research, we also run regular research of our own design that is available for immediate download.