The Team

Abbie Adeola

Data Engineer

Favourite sporting memory:
Manchester United winning the treble in 1999

Favourite sporting destination visited:
Among the many stadiums and venues that football has to offer, one holds a special place in my heart – Old Trafford, the Theatre of Dreams. Visiting Old Trafford was an experience that transcended the ordinary, leaving me in awe of its rich history and the electric atmosphere that only a place so steeped in football lore could provide.

Personal sporting ambition:
To become a qualified football coach

The number of coding langauges Abbie 'speaks'.
countries Abbie has worked in.
Terabytes in a petabyte, the unit of data Abbie is used to handling daily.

Abbie joined Sporting Insights in January 2024. An experienced data engineer, he works primarily with the market intelligence services team that is delivering rapid growth and significant technological advancement under division head Robert Cobain. New and upcoming services include the Outdoor Market Intelligence Service (OMIS) and the Spanish Cycling Market Intelligence Service (CMIS España).

Abbie will also ensure Sporting Insights’ tech stack remains top of the line, continuously assessing our protocols and processes to ensure we extract maximum power and insight from our data. 


Abbie is passionate about data, technology, and computing in general, while away from the office he also enjoys football and gaming. 

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Telephone: +44 (0) 1932 345 539


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